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Hello Foodies and Cooking Lovers,

My name is Pooja and I am the sole owner, maker, of this blog Saffron N Appetite. This is my first blogging attempt and I like to make it pleasant as yours. I am in my twenties and just completed my studies. Working in an consultant I have started to learn and love my job. But there was still something missing. I missed cooking and being a foodie.This missing and absence has introduced me to the bliss of blogging and the vast space where I find many people such as you who share the same interest of cooking and eating like me.
I have learnt all my basic cooking from my mother. Like many of you I have been always attracted to the kitchen and food. Every ingredients have interested me and from various sources which includes blogs, cooking shows, videos, books and magazines I have tried to advance my skills. All the recipes mentioned here is hundred percent tested and tasted not only by myself but my mentor my mother, my friends, my would be hubby dear and definitely dad. I appreciate their comments and criticism which has helped me to learn more about food, cooking techniques.
My photographs are taken from my Sony Cyber shot camera. I am intending to buy a SLR and soon will bring improvements in my pictures. Pictures that are not clicked from my camera have their source mentioned for reference. If you want to reach me, contact me through saffronnappetite@gmail.com or click on the social network icons you see on the contact me page.

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