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I have recently been introduced to blogging and therefore I have so much to learn. Blogging is not easy now I am sure of it. Cooking is much easy though. There so many small to big things that a blog needs so that it can reach people and people can reach it. There are so many blogs worldwide on various topics and all striving hard to show their passion and talent. I have been reading and following a few blogs and they are so interesting. There are so many good ideas now that are generating in my slow mind and I think very soon I will be able to adapt with the blogging community. There is one thing we all believe, when we do something we like, it automatically reflects. I think it is the new beginning. Neway coming back to what i inteneded to do in this post. I have started my blog on 19.6.2012 and here is a recap of all the recipes and posts till date.





Its time to enjoy my weekend now, Happy weekend to you all.

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Guru Uru said...

So many delicious recipes and without a doubt, many more to come my friend :D

Choc Chip Uru

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