The Kilimanjaro Effect

Coffee cup
Yesterday I brought a coffee that was highlighted as coffee from Kilimanjaro. Though I might not show the name of the brand but there were many other origin destinations for the coffee jars available. I picked up Kilimanjaro as I was always been fascinated by some of the states and continents of the world, one of them being Africa. Needless to say that any of us will know by now that as soon as I had one sip from it I was eternally blessed. The strong aroma, the smooth taste and definitely the granules of the coffee gave it a taste and look that cannot be described merely in adjectives.

So interested and renewed by the taste of the coffee I landed doing some research about it and found out that Moshi, one of the places in the higher slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro is responsible for all the coffee that is planned and manufactured here in Africa. I sometimes doubt my knowledge about any of the subjects that i have learnt in school. When I saw the Kilimanjaro label in the coffee jar, I was first taken by surprise and then by awe about how this dormant volcanic mountain can produce such good quality of any product.

Here is a tip I recently learnt about coffee, when you are buying packaged coffee which is mostly available in granular version, look for more intact and square-shaped granules for a better flavor and taste.

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