How To Make Amchur ( Dried Mango Powder)

The latest theory that I learnt today is that Amchur which is dry mango powder can also be made in the oven. In general this powder is made with the help of machines in factories and drying in sunlight at home. But there is a quick and alternative way, that is not only easy but a time saver. Amchur has been used in many Indian recipes to add a scent and flavor of raw mango. Therefore we can clearly understand that this powder is a spice made of raw mangoes.  I thought of describing the process making Amchur because, all foodies love cooking, they also like making food of all countries and someday they will surely try Indian and Sri Lankan food which has this dried spice among one of the major ingredients.

So what do we all need to do in order to make this Amchur powder:

Peel the skin of the mango.

Shred it into very small pieces.

Put it in the oven in the normal micro mode for around 10 to 15 minutes. Stir them in between every 5 minutes.

If the water has dried and drained dry for 3 minutes more or else do the same process for sometime long.

Once the mangoes are dry, put it in a mixer and make a dust like powder. Your Amchur is ready.

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