Creamy Mushroom Platter

While searching Google and reading few other blogs I found out a wonderful site, I know many of you use it and this is something I discovered as soon as I created an account on this site called Foodbuzz. There are so many food bloggers in this world and they all are so fantastic that i m thinking of adding some of them to my daily reading list. The recipes they share, the community bonding that these bloggers have are so much real and good. So I thought of adding my Mushroom Cream recipe as a very small contribution to this foodie community of the world.
Creamy mushroom platter


C3- Crispy Chilli Chickpea

Cooking vegetarian items is tough especially for us who love to eat meat. In my case though I can go without meat for a week or two maximum but instead I require onion and garlic to bless my food. Here in India Vegetarianism are of 2types
  1. You are a complete vegan with a strict no consumption of meat, egg, fish, onion or garlic in your stomach doors.
  2. You are a semi vegan(as i call) where you get a narrow escape by allowing yourself to consume food made by adding onion and garlic.
Though I am a complete non vegetarian sometimes due to some auspicious celebrations and ceremonies I too have to compromise myself with the Class 2.
This recipe is one of the best tasting vegan recipes that I have tried till date. It has a crispy, tangy, and smooth texture inside your mouth when you taste it. The best part being you can enjoy this recipe with rice, roti or just as an evening snack.


How To Make Amchur ( Dried Mango Powder)

The latest theory that I learnt today is that Amchur which is dry mango powder can also be made in the oven. In general this powder is made with the help of machines in factories and drying in sunlight at home. But there is a quick and alternative way, that is not only easy but a time saver. Amchur has been used in many Indian recipes to add a scent and flavor of raw mango. Therefore we can clearly understand that this powder is a spice made of raw mangoes.  I thought of describing the process making Amchur because, all foodies love cooking, they also like making food of all countries and someday they will surely try Indian and Sri Lankan food which has this dried spice among one of the major ingredients.



A Mango is only a simple mango for many people, but for me it is a fruit that enriches my senses and my soul. Every year I have to wait for the sweaty summers to come so that I can have my share of mangoes. When you cut a slice of mango to savor the taste, a very tangy flavor with doses  of sweet sugar reaches your mouth. At the very same time when you breathe and inhale air, your nose smells a flowery scent that arouses your tongue to taste more of the yellow juicy flesh of Mango.

The Kilimanjaro Effect

Coffee cup
Yesterday I brought a coffee that was highlighted as coffee from Kilimanjaro. Though I might not show the name of the brand but there were many other origin destinations for the coffee jars available. I picked up Kilimanjaro as I was always been fascinated by some of the states and continents of the world, one of them being Africa. Needless to say that any of us will know by now that as soon as I had one sip from it I was eternally blessed. The strong aroma, the smooth taste and definitely the granules of the coffee gave it a taste and look that cannot be described merely in adjectives.

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