Taking A Long Break

Hello Friends,

 I am taking a long break as I have some very important things to do in the next few months which includes, travel, education and a lots of other stuff. Therefore I wont be able to write blogs for those few days or months... I dont know. But I will be back soon and I will back with a bang.
Till then keep cooking and eating. Love ya all.


Shrimp And The Yellow Sauce

Today is another foodie friends friday and there is as usual another linking party going on. I have been away from blogging for a quite and long time and this friday I have got the scope to present another of my recently cooked recipes to you. This is something cooked with fish and to name it internationall we all can call it the Yellow Sauce Shrimp.

yellow sauce shrimp

Shrimps are easily available here, and in my home they are made nearly every alternate days as dinner or lunch. This one  was cooked on lunch as  I had a very strong urge of not going to office that day and treat myself with delightful food.


Chicken Potpie & My 1st Linky Party

Today is the first time I am being the host of a link party along with some of my other friends. so I have named my post Chicken Potpie and my 1st Linky Party. We have a small group and we call this Foodie Friends Friday.

My recipe for this special party today is Chicken Potpie.We all love having pie and we all love making them too. This is one recipe that can be tried and tasted in various variations. Since chicken is the most easily available ingredient. I have used it in making a very simple, light and delicious potpie.



Tandoori Chicken- The Indian Best

Tandoori Chicken one of the most common name that is heard, spelled, eaten and known by everyone in India and outside India. like shammi kebab tandoori chicken too has a very strong influence on foodies. People who love eating and who don't all fall in love with this great recipe. I have tried my hands often with this recipe because it is not only one of my favorite but also my family's. In any special occasion, party or for some celebration this is one of the dish that has always been a part of the dinner table. If you are not a vegetarian you will once taste this recipe in your life and surely try to make it one day.
Like roasting making tandoori is very common in India. As there are many modern gadgets available in the market, making tandoori chicken is much easier these days. No one needs a tandoor machine at home, a microwave oven is enough for cooking.
tandoori chicken
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